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New Meetup and… You’re Invited!
Stepping into Action

Guest Speaker: Suzanne Bourgault, Express Yourself Websites

Topic: Visualize Your Emotionally Connected Website

Next Meeting June 11 at 5:45 – 8:00 pm in Concord

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To support and empower women entrepreneurs who have a vision, bring their gifts out to the world, while stepping into their own strength and power, so that they can shine brightly doing what they were meant to do.
What is the most important quality your website needs to have?

The ability to emotionally connect with your ideal clients.

Which means, you need to be emotionally connected to your website!

Join Suzanne Bourgault, Website Architect and Founder of Express Yourself Websites, as she walks us through a visualization and drawing exercise where we will visualize AND CREATE the design of our brand new, emotionally connected website!

Leave the meeting with your brand new, emotionally connected website fully designed and ready to be built.  Five people will be eligible for a free 30 minute consultation with Suzanne on building your website.

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Join us! It’s easy and fun! Just $10. Check our calendar! We look forward to meeting you.

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