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Is Your Website Ready for Google Mobilegeddon?

Blog_03 Tributary Setup Mobile Responsive ScreenshotDoes your website meet Google’s Search Results Standards?

To find out, enter your website in Google’s Mobile-Friendly test page:

What’s interesting is many large companies have websites that do not meet Google’s Search Results Standards.

What this means is, if your website does meet the standards before your competitors’ websites do, this will give you a jump in Google search ranking, while their websites will drop down the list.

Google is providing these suggestions to keep your site at the top of their search ranking. Your customers want to find you, but they want their search to be quick, and will enjoy your site when it is optimized for their use.

Express Yourself Websites is standing by to assist, with several website mobile readiness packages for you to choose from.

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Can people still find you on Google?

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