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Your Website: What Do People Notice First?

Screenshot of Bettyanne Greens Beautiful Website copyWebsite Design

When someone visits your website, what is the first thing that they notice?  It is the design.  If the design is not aesthetically appealing, the visitor will abandon the website without exploring further.  For those of us who have studied the Character Codes or the DISC Behavior Styles, we know that different designs will appeal to different people.

Behavior Styles

For example, a class president/go-getter behavior style wants to know right away, what is this business/professional going to do for me, and are they confident about getting the job done?  If the message is clear and the design clean with classic muted colors, this can be an “easy yes” sale for the business or professional.  The website is working for them 24/7.

Another example scholar/examiner wants details and wants clear navigation so they can tell where to find all of the information that they want.  They will take more time to make a buying decision, and providing all of the details in an organized fashion will make it more likely this person will want to do business with you.

Search Engine Optimization

Proper search engine optimization also plays an important part in the first impression.  For example, if someone finds your website based on a search or an inbound link from another website or article, if they don’t see the keywords that brought them to the website on the page, they will decide the website does not have what they are looking for and will abandon it.


Clear navigation is also very important.  The most common place for website navigation is across the top, either above or below the header.  Visitors are used to looking for it there.  If it’s not there, the website may be abandoned.  The navigation titles must also be very clear and precise, and not too generic.  Other tips for good website design include avoiding distracting animations unless it supports the website content and message.

Just like with people, the first impression of  a website is very important to engaging the visitor and keeping them on the website longer.  For more information on Character Codes, please visit:   How to Read a Client from Across the Room By Brandy Mychals

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