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Attract and Keep Visitors: By Hook or by Crook?

I recently read an article titled, You’ll Laugh, Then Cry When You See the Simple Trick This Single Mom Uses to Beat Enterprise SEOs that had nothing to do with laughing, crying, tricks, single moms, or enterprise SEO. To be honest, I felt a bit cheated. Yet, I read the article. Why? Because the content was good.

In fact, the content was about content.

Titles can get people to your site, and that’s vital. However, content is what will keep them there, and that is the ultimate goal. Everyone says it – including me. And everyone will keep saying it over and over again – also including me. Good content, or the lack of, will make (or break) your web presence.

If your business is about current events, then your content needs to be – well, current. Relevant, fresh, engaging, and current. And, if you work in current events, you probably want to promote your content in more places than just social media, otherwise people will have a hard time finding you.

However, if your business is something less fickle than current events – so, just about anything else – you can create content that will serve you in the long run.

Author David Cato presented some very solid points for web content strategy. (There I go again, telling you to plan.)

  • Evergreen Content: If what you post today will have value in more than a year, then your content is evergreen.
  • Satisfy a Need: Good long-term content generally answers a question, explains a process, or provides foundational knowledge (why is the sky blue?).
  • Protect Your Brand: Be positive! People are more likely to stick with a brand that satisfies a need in a manner that promotes good will.
  • Be Interesting: Moderate experimentation in terms of delivery is critical to keeping your brand fresh. However, no matter what, your content needs to keep your audience on your site.Keep it informative and use language that will keep your target market engaged – instead of repelled.

Finally, my own additional tip: Flashy headlines are FABULOUS; however, it is only polite that they be on topic. By hook or by crook is not good for your brand.

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