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Looking for a Better Way to Create Website Content?

GiraffeJust a Fad?

Do you spend a lot of your precious time creating content that doesn’t get read or shared? Are you starting to think that you’re wasting your time and that this push to create more and more content is just a fad; a fad you’ll sit out?

Quality Going South?

You may be noticing, as many content creators have, that the quality of your content is suffering as you try to churn out more and more. Lower quality is certainly not producing the popularity results you want. But you’re spending so much time producing that you’re not left with any time to promote. Or you suspect that promoting mediocre content won’t produce results, either. This is when many people stop writing.

A Better Way

That’s a start. A start to finding a better way to get your message out. The first thing to do is stop writing (temporarily) and start planning. Like any aspect of business, the content arena needs careful planning. It takes a strategy to make it successful.


By strategy, I mean something written on paper or computer, not those midnight musings when you can’t fall asleep. “This time I’ve got it!” is not a strategy. A strategy includes a detailed analysis of your target market, keywords, and topics that come from reader questions and interests. Key to a strategy is an editorial calendar containing the date each topic will run.

Think about how you’ll promote your content, based on where your readers are found. If your target market doesn’t use Instagram, for example, there’s no point spending time promoting there.

Finally, have a plan by which to measure results. Until you can measure your results, you don’t really know if your strategy was successful.

Enter the 21st Century

Social Media automation tools were not created for famous bloggers only. They are available to all the rest of us, and they’re there to save us time. Use them. You may think, “Oh, it’ll just take me a few minutes.” Those minutes add up over the months.


It’s important to engage with your readers. When you get a comment, don’t just think, “Yay! A comment!” Respond to it. It’s not a question, you say. Doesn’t matter. Respond to it anyway, promptly. That’s how you get and keep readers.

In Short

A solid strategy, a judicious use of automation tools, and constant engagement with your readers, are steps on the path to getting a good return on your efforts to create popular, shareable content. As you assess your results, you may want to adjust your plan to meet the reality of your market. Nothing is set in stone. Successful business people are always making adjustments along the way.

Wishing you success with your new content strategy.

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