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Your Home Page: Three Questions, Three Tips

llamas in the drivewayIs your home page working for you? Is it making visitors want to look at other pages of your website? Or is it annoying them so they leave your website quickly? Check your analytics. If it’s working well, wonderful. Are the results fabulous? So-so? Dismal and depressing?

If your home page could be doing a better job for you, here are three questions to ask.

1) Is it so cluttered with information that readers can’t sift through it all? Most readers don’t want to peer at small print and read through long paragraphs or lists of features. Make the home page enticing enough and they’ll go to the products or services page to learn more.

TIP: Include an immediate offer; something readers can download by entering their email, like an e-book, or subscribe to, like a newsletter.

2) You may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of fabulous features your product has, but don’t want to load the home page with too much writing.

TIP: Include a few important benefits of your service or product and save the features for other pages.

3) Are fancy features like a fast-moving photo rotation or an auto-play annoying your visitors? Yes, we know they’re all the rage right now, but they drive some visitors away. If you enthusiastically jumped on the bandwagon but now your analytics tell you that more people leave more quickly than they did before you added these bright, shiny features, that’s a red flag. Heed it.

TIP: Include a clear Call to Action. What should the reader do next? Call you? Download a valuable white paper? Watch an informative and entertaining video? Caution: Don’t give readers too many options.


Use words and images to paint a clear but uncluttered picture of who you are and what you do. Make an offer that engages readers and enables you to communicate with them. And get rid of annoyances that chase readers off your website. Then start checking analytics again and see if those changes have made a difference in how long readers stayed on your website. Let us know what you find. We love to hear from our readers.


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