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Is Your Website Ready for Google Mobilegeddon?

Blog_03 Tributary Setup Mobile Responsive ScreenshotDoes your website meet Google’s Search Results Standards?

To find out, enter your website in Google’s Mobile-Friendly test page:

What’s interesting is many large companies have websites that do not meet Google’s Search Results Standards.

What this means is, if your website does meet the standards before your competitors’ websites do, this will give you a jump in Google search ranking, while their websites will drop down the list.

Google is providing these suggestions to keep your site at the top of their search ranking. Your customers want to find you, but they want their search to be quick, and will enjoy your site when it is optimized for their use.

Express Yourself Websites is standing by to assist, with several website mobile readiness packages for you to choose from.

Ask about our Website Content Coaching Program

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Can people still find you on Google?

On April 21st, Google’s algorithms for websites will change, and roughly 80% of the 1.5 billion internet users, who have smart phones, may not be able to find you using Google search. Google had made these changes to better serve mobile device users, and to optimize their search capabilities for them. This means that you,… Continue Reading

Looking for a Better Way to Create Website Content?

Just a Fad? Do you spend a lot of your precious time creating content that doesn’t get read or shared? Are you starting to think that you’re wasting your time and that this push to create more and more content is just a fad; a fad you’ll sit out? Quality Going South? You may be… Continue Reading

Your Home Page: Three Questions, Three Tips

Is your home page working for you? Is it making visitors want to look at other pages of your website? Or is it annoying them so they leave your website quickly? Check your analytics. If it’s working well, wonderful. Are the results fabulous? So-so? Dismal and depressing? If your home page could be doing a… Continue Reading

Recycle–Your Web Content? Here’s How

Keep that Content Coming When am I supposed to write all that great content? That’s what most small businesses are struggling with. We all want to create effective marketing systems, and it’s daunting to write all the content ourselves. Here are some ideas you can start using today. Getting Out the Recycling Bin Google penalizes… Continue Reading

Six Tips for Getting Your Online Content Shared

Oh, To Be Shared Your mother taught you to share. So did mine. And when we were four, the hard part was sharing our favorite toys. Now sharing has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s still a good thing. We’re still urged to do it. What we’re supposed to be sharing these days is… Continue Reading

Content Marketing Tips–Three More Great Strategies for Small Businesses

Hope you liked last week’s four tips for creating content that will get you ranking on the search engines and attracting new business. Here are three more ideas you can put to work for you. Tip #1 Oh, Say Can You See Visual content is very popular. Videos, infographics, slide shows all provide a welcome… Continue Reading

Three Things You Need to Know to Rank High in Searches

What are the three main principles that search engines run by? Your website must pass these three tests in order to rank. Ranking means it’s high enough on the list that when a person, otherwise known as a potential client, searches for your product or service, your website comes up on the first page. Because,… Continue Reading

Social Media and Home Buying

More home buyers turning to social media in home-buying process, REALTOR® survey finds (1) Surprised by the C.A.R. findings? Even those of us who live and breathe social media were a bit startled to learn what the California Association of Realtors® found: that home buyers are making social media part of the home-buying process. We… Continue Reading

Making it Easy: Turning Visitors into Leads

Have you ever set big goals? Made grand resolutions? The experts advise us to do that: Think Big! Be Bold! I will lose 75 pounds. I will triple my income this year. I will write the Great American Novel. Tell me the truth: How did that work out for you? It may work for Richard… Continue Reading

Attract and Keep Visitors: By Hook or by Crook?

I recently read an article titled, You’ll Laugh, Then Cry When You See the Simple Trick This Single Mom Uses to Beat Enterprise SEOs that had nothing to do with laughing, crying, tricks, single moms, or enterprise SEO. To be honest, I felt a bit cheated. Yet, I read the article. Why? Because the content… Continue Reading

Site Redesign and SEO Simplified

Unless you know the ins and outs of website design, the idea of updating your website can be terrifying – especially when you start to hear horror stories about how updated websites lose their search engine rankings. (Sorry if you haven’t heard any of those horror stories and I just scared you more.) So, now… Continue Reading

Personalized User Experience Increases Revenue

Have you ever wondered how much money you could save if would just stop managing to advertise something you really wanted while you were shopping for something you actually needed? Initially, spent an obscene amount of money so that the product advertisements you saw would actually appeal to you. These days, however, you… Continue Reading

Marketing Is Power — It Is Taking Charge of Your Own Destiny

For the entire time I worked in Silicon Valley in high tech roles, I never took marketing seriously. The “real” work was done by the creators, the designers, the developers, quality assurance and technical support. Now that I am a business owner, an entrepreneur, I stand corrected. Marketing is power. Marketing is the power to… Continue Reading

Getting More Links to Your Content – After the Initial Push

You’ve created killer content, strategically promoted it, and the internet stars are sharing it to your target market. What a relief, the links to your site should be rolling in, and your content getting better search engine rankings; it’s time to relax, right? WRONG! There is more to do. How do you know people are… Continue Reading

Giving Users the Best Experience: Format & Analyze

Once someone has opened a website, the number one concern of the owner is to keep that person on the site. Previously, I discussed creating content that your target market will visit your site to read. Now, how do you keep your readers reading? Format for Easy Reading As a rule of thumb, most web… Continue Reading

Giving Users the Best Experience: Plan & Create

What do you want people to do when they arrive at your website? The first, but not so obvious, answer is: STAY. However, people do not stay on web pages that are too complicated or do not provide the desired information. The first two steps to improving your users’ experience on your website are planning… Continue Reading

Your Website: What Do People Notice First?

Website Design When someone visits your website, what is the first thing that they notice?  It is the design.  If the design is not aesthetically appealing, the visitor will abandon the website without exploring further.  For those of us who have studied the Character Codes or the DISC Behavior Styles, we know that different designs… Continue Reading

3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Generate More Sales Leads with Online Marketing

Business owners and professionals all have one thing in common: they all want more sales leads so they can get more clients. Business owners and professionals who are successful at growing their business do 3 things on a consistent and regular basis: Speak in front of audiences of your ideal clients.  Public speaking enhances credibility… Continue Reading

The Secrets to Successful Website Marketing Workshop

The Secrets to Successful Website Marketing Workshop March 29, 2014, 9-5, Concord, CA Diana Morgan of Whole Heart Marketing and Suzanne Bourgault of Express Yourself Websites will be hosting a workshop on “The Secrets to Successful Website Marketing to Get More Clients” on Saturday March 29 from 9-5 in Concord, CA.  Joining Diana and Suzanne… Continue Reading

Do you have your business listed on Google Places?

If you have your business listed on Google Places, this important announcement is for you. Businesses with Google Places listings need to log into their Google Places for Business account, review the business information, update it if necessary and click Submit. If this isn’t completed by February 21, the business will need to go through… Continue Reading

High Search Ranking: Press Releases and Google Plus, a Winning Combination

Press Releases with PRWeb can get you to the top 5 of Google Searches. When your ideal client searches for you on Google, your credibility is increased when you are at the top of the page, and have many listings. Google Plus is a social networking and identity service owned and operated by Google Inc.… Continue Reading

VIP Lunch and Goals and Awards Gala

I had such a wonderful time yesterday at Caterina Rando’s VIP Lunch and Goals and Awards Gala, and being embraced by such warm, generous successful business women at the Radisson in Brisbane.  Linda Lenore, Beverly Adamo, Maggie Schreiber and my strategic alliance partner Diana Morgan were there, among many others.  Linda, Beverly and Diana all… Continue Reading

How can I get onto page one of Google?

Publishing professionally written press releases with PRWeb is a proven way to get yourself and your business on page one of Google.   This can be very expensive.  If you work directly with PRWeb, a premium press release is $369, and that does not include the writing, which can cost as much as $300/ To learn… Continue Reading

Website Marketing --> THE WORKSHOP Saturday February 8, 2014

The last day of 2013!  What an exciting year!  We kick off 2014 with our first Website Marketing Workshop featuring our panel of internet marketing and website experts. I am very excited about sharing the latest secrets on how being active on Google+ will improve your Google search rankings for your EXACT target market! The… Continue Reading

Back from Vacation

I’m back from a Mexican Riviera cruise vacation with my family.  We had a great time!  One of the highlights was swimming with the dolphins.  What a fantastic experience!  They are amazing animals. Going on a vacation, getting away from the usual routine give me a fresh perspective on my life, and my work. Some… Continue Reading

Myth or Fact? Website Content Marketing: 5 Myths That Are…..

Myths! Over the next several blogs I will share the latest information on website content marketing. First of all, what is content marketing? For this discussion, content marketing is about your blogs.  It is writing and posting blogs with unique and valuable content for your prospects and clients on a regular basis.  It is about… Continue Reading

Getting Ready for the Website Workshop!

Yesterday, Anna Edmondson, Doug Silva and Suzanne Bourgault went to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Concord in preparation for our Website Workshop on Saturday, Sept 28 from 9-4.    Susan, the meetings director, treated us like gold, and held our hand every step of the way.  She says they like to support startups and congratulated… Continue Reading

Websites are Meant to Evolve

There is no such thing as a website that is “finished.”  Websites are meant to continually evolve, as we all evolve in our business and as people.  If we are truly emotionally connected to our websites, they evolve with us.  My website is evolving now.  Ever since I started working with Doug Silva of Midnite… Continue Reading

New Meetup and… You’re Invited! Stepping into Action Guest Speaker: Suzanne Bourgault, Express Yourself Websites Topic: Visualize Your Emotionally Connected Website Next Meeting June 11 at 5:45 – 8:00 pm in Concord RSVP Here: Stepping Into Action To support and empower women entrepreneurs who have a vision, bring their gifts out to the world, while… Continue Reading

More Proof–Press Releases Work!

Thank you to Gail Nott of Nott LTD Solutions for sharing on Facebook the article on “More Proof Google Counts Press Release Links….” The article states that even though Matt Cutts, head of spam at Google, says that press releases don’t benefit your rankings, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land reports on two occurrences… Continue Reading

How to Write a Press Release

Here are two documents which explain how to write a press release that will be accepted for publication. The first article provides a summary of the requirements: Quick Tips for Writing a Press Release That Will Be Published-V2 The second article is from PRWeb and contains all of the details.  If any questions arise from… Continue Reading

Press Releases Work!

My client Sean Sullivan, a Realtor in San Francisco specializing in new construction, was featured in a KRON 4 TV news report.  The reporter found him online in a press release!   The news story helps to further establish Sean Sullivan as a recognized authority in San Francisco real estate new construction.  He can use… Continue Reading

What’s the Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing–New World Inbound marketing focuses on people who are already actively searching for a product or service that you offer.  Create fresh, relevant, targeted content specifically designed to reach a distinct audience.  Those of us who are knowledgeable about the Character Codes® and the Money Codes® already have a jump-start on how to do… Continue Reading

Google Insider Says Website Videos Are More Important Than Ever

A client of mine told me yesterday that his friend who works at Google in Search says that website videos are now much more important for search engine optimization (SEO).  I asked my client if this increased emphasis on videos for SEO is because of the change that Google recently made on how image search… Continue Reading

Additions to Portfolio

I made two additions to my portfolio this morning.  One is the screenshot of the Women’s Council of Realtors (WCR) Contra Costa website which will go live in the next several days.  Doug Silva, of Midnite Graphics, my graphic artist associate created the stunning header.  The president of WCR Contra Costa, Ronni Collmer, is thrilled with… Continue Reading

Referrals for Life!

Yesterday I upgraded my Referral Institute training program from Certified Networker III® to Referrals for Life.®  I have been participating in the Certified Networker III training for a couple of months now with the awesome Maile Collmer, and I’m thrilled with the accelerating growth of my business, . The training is workshop style, which is… Continue Reading

Changes to Google’s Image Search Causes Drastic Drop in Image Search Traffic

If you use or rely on image search engine optimization to drive traffic to your website, you have probably noticed a drastic drop in visitors to your website.  This happened because Google improved the image resolution on their search results pages so the user can get what they want right on Google instead of being… Continue Reading

One Year Anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary of quitting my job at Yahoo.  It has been a year of letting go, of walking through fears and coming out to the other side to happiness, inner peace, prosperity and creating my ideal life. It has been a year of meeting and connecting with the most amazing people… Continue Reading