Websites & Online Marketing for Attracting Your Ideal Clients

Platinum Program Bonus Website Assessment

1. Name

2. Email Address

3. Do you have a website?

4. If yes, please enter the URL here:

5. Are you satisfied with the work of the person who currently manages your website?

6. How long have you been in the business that your website represents?

7. How much is one client worth to you, over a one year period?

8. Do you currently use a website traffic monitoring tool such as Google Analytics to find out how many people visit your site each month?

9. If yes, which tool do you use?

10. Are you happy with your website?

11. Are you proud to share your website with others?

12. Do you feel your website authentically represents who you are?

13. Why or why not?

14. How do you measure the success of your website?

15. Are you satisfied with the results you are getting from your website?

16. What are you doing now to get people to visit your website?

17. Do you do these yourself or do you have a professional do it for you?

18. Is your website visually pleasing to your ideal clients?

19. Does your website communicate information they way your ideal client prefers to consume information?

20. Does your website have Contact information that is easy to find, preferrably at the top of the home page?

21. Does your website have a clear call to action?

22. Does your website show the transformation that you offer your clients from working with you?

23. What would you like to change about your website?

24. Do you have specific questions for me?