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Changes to Google’s Image Search Causes Drastic Drop in Image Search Traffic


If you use or rely on image search engine optimization to drive traffic to your website, you have probably noticed a drastic drop in visitors to your website.  This happened because Google improved the image resolution on their search results pages so the user can get what they want right on Google instead of being motivated to go to the original website to view a high quality image.

Using image search engine optimization (SEO) means attaching images to keyword phrases, so when someone searches on a specific keyword phrase, they no longer just see a text entry, but they will also see an image which when clicked on, would take the user to the original website.  Now, it takes the user to a larger image while keeping the user on Google.

This will cause website publishers to reduce the priority of image search engine optimization.  What this also shows is how fleeting the benefits of a SEO technique can be.  Entrepreneurs and professionals need to have other methods in place to drive traffic to their website besides SEO, such as referral marketing, in-person networking, guest blogging and email marketing campaigns.  Originally reported in:

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