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Content Marketing Tips–Three More Great Strategies for Small Businesses

golf courseHope you liked last week’s four tips for creating content that will get you ranking on the search engines and attracting new business. Here are three more ideas you can put to work for you.

Tip #1 Oh, Say Can You See

Visual content is very popular. Videos, infographics, slide shows all provide a welcome break from word overwhelm. It’s been shown that content with images gets more clicks than straight word content. As in 94% more. Wow.

For those of you who were ready to say, nah, this one isn’t for me, think again. Even if you have to outsource it, the returns may be well worth it. And it’s not that hard. MarketingSherpa (great name, isn’t it?) surveyed marketers and found that images were the easiest type of web content to produce. Infographics can use content you already have, so it’s a matter of putting together, not creating from scratch.

Tip #2: Play it Again, Sam

Recycling is a good thing, right? It’s a shame to waste all those cans and bottles whose materials could be used again. It’s also a shame to waste all that great content you spent so much time and effort creating, or paid all that money to have written. It can be used again. The first step is to assemble several pieces with a common or related topic. Write an introduction, explaining the underlying theme and its relevance, with an overlay of some news or a helpful idea. Readers like value, and a package like this delivers value.

Another way of using content you already have is to take an older article and add late-breaking news, newly-discovered facts, or pronouncements by influencers.

Squeamish about using material you’ve already used, albeit in altered form? No need to be. This practice is widespread enough to have a name: repurposing.

Tip # 3 Create a Video Blog

I saved this one for last because it seems daunting for many people. Once you stick your toe in the water, you may well become a fan of this medium. The facts are in: people are watching video content. A lot of it. 78% of people report watching online videos every week. 55% watch them every day. 73% of buyers say that video content helped them decide on a purchase, according to a study by Animoto. That’s a lot of people who could just as easily be watching your videos and deciding to buy your service or product.

Some folks create their own videos with their webcam. Others hire a service to do it for them. Whichever you choose, it’s a smart marketing move.

In Short

These three tips, plus last week’s four, can help you generate more business, no matter how much or how little you have now. You can start small and implement one at a time.



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