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Does Search Still Matter?


I have discovered some of the most interesting websites not by searching, but by finding them on other websites.  In search technical terms, this is called inlinking.  One way for your people to find you is by guest blogging on other websites whose target market is similar to yours.

You can get started guest blogging by inviting your referral partners to guest blog on your website.  Your website can become “the” destination for information in your field and related fields by doing this.  Gail Nott’s website, Nott LTD Solutions, is a perfect example of guest-blogging in action.  She also actively promotes her referral partners in her blog.

If you belong to any professional organizations, look into writing guest blogs for their websites.  This also builds your credibility within your field.

So, does search still matter?  Yes it does.  Competition is fierce on the search results pages for the top spots for highly desirable keyword phrases.  As small business owners, we also need to find other grass roots style methods of driving traffic to our websites, via our community, and inviting guest bloggers is a great way to get started.

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