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Getting More Links to Your Content – After the Initial Push

peacock crossing the roadYou’ve created killer content, strategically promoted it, and the internet stars are sharing it to your target market. What a relief, the links to your site should be rolling in, and your content getting better search engine rankings; it’s time to relax, right? WRONG! There is more to do.

How do you know people are linking to your content?

Is your content working as hard as it could?

Follow Up

To make sure you are getting good links, you want to track that people are talking about you. Google Alerts provides a free service that will e-mail you when specific terms show up on the internet. There are also paid services that you might find more reliable in finding who mentions you or your brand. For original visuals, you definitely want to make sure you load them into an image tracking service that will alert you whenever your visual shows up somewhere else.

Once you get a hit, you want to contact the person who mentioned you or used your graphic:

  • Thank them.
  • Ask if you could clarify any points for them.
  • Ask if they are willing to credit you by adding – or correcting – a link to your content.

Make Your Content Do More – Repurpose

Once you put the time and energy into the content, you cannot use it enough. Repurposing content is an amazing way to increase your audience because different people absorb information in different ways.

  • Create blog postings from the content of videos or webinars.
  • Create infographics from blog posts.
  • Make video versions of blogs.
  • Turn animated infographics into SlideShare presentations or YouTube videos.

You already know the information, you’re just changing how you present it.

Remember Your Follow Up

This is your content, make sure you track it, thank people for using it, get good links back to your site, and get credit for your visuals!

The Catch

Now you need to do it all again.

This is the age of the short attention span. With roughly 58 million tweets and 4.75 billion Facebook updates daily – is it any wonder?

Keep your content fresh, and keep collecting new links.

One easy way to keeping your content current is to space out posting each repurposing of existing content. You can update it, if necessary, and – as far as search engines know – it counts as new content!

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