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Getting More Links to Your Content – Shoot for the Stars

Choppy-Sea-with-Moon-and-LighthouseHopefully, readers have realized that the best way to spread their message is to PLAN. By knowing your target audience and delivering the correct content, in the correct form, at the correct time your message will spread among the people you most want to play – sorry, work – with.

To make your content easier to find, you need it to show up on the first page of results from a search engine. There are many ways to improve your rating with search engines; one of them is to have other people linking TO your content. The more links to your page, the higher your rating.

Earlier, I wrote about an article in Search Engine Watch that talked about getting more links to your content. You have your Target Market and Promotion Strategy;now, for the word of mouth section of your strategy, how do you get the word out to more people quickly?

Shoot for the Stars

What better way to get your content in front of your target audience than to have it shared by someone who already has that audience?

Keep in mind that “shooting FOR the stars” is not the same as “shooting AT the stars” – a common mistake. When shooting AT, you are sending your content to someone with a large audience but has no idea of who you are or why they should share your content. When shooting FOR, you build up some credibility before you ask for anything.

  • Like, comment on, and share their social media posts and blogs.
  • Make intelligent comments and try to begin conversations.
  • Start interacting with your chosen stars well before sending them anything – who knows, maybe they will ask you first.
  • When you do ask, be brief, polite, and all about them.

If you don’t know what star to shoot for, tools such as Buzz Sumo and Followerwonk can help you identify people with influence in your target market.

Followerwonk – strictly a Twitter tool – can help you identify Content Curators, people who share a great deal of content with a large audience. As with any social media star, you want to build up some rapport with content curators before asking for access to their audience.

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