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Giving Users the Best Experience: Format & Analyze

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Once someone has opened a website, the number one concern of the owner is to keep that person on the site. Previously, I discussed creating content that your target market will visit your site to read. Now, how do you keep your readers reading?

Format for Easy Reading

As a rule of thumb, most web browsers have a short attention span. To hold onto that attention, you want your content to be eye catching as well as addressing the reader’s need.

Eye catching content tends to have short blocks of text, pictures, and the strategic use of formatting:

  • Engaging headlines will pull readers in.
  • No matter what the content – or where – long paragraphs are difficult on the eyes and hard to read.
  • Pictures are worth a 1000 words, so let them do the heavy lifting.
  • Appropriate formatting keeps readers engaged. The occasional bold print stresses a point and captures attention. Too much, however, begins to feel like a screaming lecture. Other formatting techniques to consider include bullet lists, colored text, and placement of text with respect to pictures.

Obviously, the easiest content to read is the answer to the current question. However, not everyone understands the same answer. Having content themes, which give the same general information in different terms, is a great way to keep visitors to your site on your site.

Analyze the Results

Having more visitors stay longer on your website is an admirable goal; how do you know if you are meeting that goal? Through analysis.

Google Analytics may be the best known, but there are a many website tracking applications out there. These programs report how many people have visited your site over a specific time period, how long they stayed, what pages they visited, and how many of those visitors are new versus returning to your site.

You can also set up goals for your site that can pinpoint where in the buying process you are losing customers. Depending on where people are leaving the process, you can craft the proper solution. Maybe there is an information gap you can fill with more content. Or, maybe a more directed/personal touch is necessary.

The Ultimate User Experience

For the most part, the ideal user experience is a satisfied buyer. To increase the number of satisfied buyers visiting your site, remember:

  1. Think like your target market at every stage of the process.
  2. Develop content that addresses the needs of that market.
  3. Make that content easy to absorb.
  4. Analyze the results.
  5. Adjust as necessary.

That last step is vital! There is a learning curve to every process. It is totally reasonable that you will need to adjust as you go.

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