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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Express Yourself Websites MobileHave you gotten your letter from Google yet? The one that tells you that your website is not mobile friendly, and that your website could lose search ranking because of it?

As of November 2014, 50 percent of traffic to Google came from mobile devices, and this is expected to go up to 70 percent this year.

Wow, 50 percent of all traffic to Google comes from mobile devices!

What this means is, if your website is not mobile friendly, you could lose out on half of your visitors being able to experience your website and interact with you.

And it also means that your website could start losing some of that page ranking you have worked so hard to create. Starting on April 21, Google will be expanding its ranking signals to include mobile friendliness.

Express Yourself Websites is standing by to assist, with several website mobile readiness packages for you to choose from.

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