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Is Your Website User-Friendly?

ToraWritingThere is a lot of information about how to create a website that’s  search engine friendly.  It is much more important that your website is user friendly.  You want your website visitors to know right away what you do, and what is the transformation that you offer your clients when they work with you.  Your visitors will also want to know how to get started with you.

Another great way for your website visitors to interact with you is for you to have an easy yes offer.  An easy yes offer has a low cost and a low time commitment.  For example, an easy yes offer can be a free webinar where you provide valuable content to your prospective clients.  Another easy yes offer can be a telephone consultation, or a free assessment.  A “how-to” white paper is another great example of an easy yes offer.

This valuable content will encourage your visitors to take the next step with you, whether it is attending a workshop, becoming a member or registering to receive updates from you.  Both the easy yes offer and the next step will give you their contact information, so you can stay in touch with them.  At any given time, only 3% of your ideal clients are ready to do business with you.  Your website becomes the portal to stay in contact with the other 67% who will be ready in the future to do business with you, or recommend you to others.

Your website visitors will come to your website from many different sources.  Once they arrive at your website, a user-friendly website will engage them, build trust in you, and increase your influence with them.  The goal is to become a trusted advisor to your prospects and clients, and your website is the hub of all of your marketing activity, including press releases, speaking, networking, referral partnerships, social media and guest blogging, among others.

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