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More Links Equals More Exposure

embarcaderoI was reading an article in Search Engine Watch recently that really caught my attention.
7 Ways to Get More Links From Every Piece of Content You Produce offers some great insight about how to get more on-line traffic to your content; because if no one is seeing it, why are you creating it?

I was so pleased that the first tip author Chris Dyson offered was: know your Target Audience.

I’ve previously talked about planning your content for your target market, and here they are again.

There are so many reasons for knowing your Target Audience, more than I am interested in listing. However, for web content you need to know things like what sites they visit, what social media (if any) they use, and what type of content they prefer. Written articles promoted on Facebook will not appeal to infographic junkies on Twitter.

Plan Your Promotion Strategy was tip number two. Plan your content, plan your promotion, what else can I tell you to plan? There’s something I’m sure, however I’ll focus on promotion for now. Obviously, for people to see your content, they need to know your content exists – that means promotion. Where you promote, and how often, will play a major role in how much traffic you will see. And, of course, where you promote depends on your Target Market.

Obviously, the amount of promotion you will want to do depends on the content you are promoting. A new blog post, for example, probably does not need the same exposure as a whole new website. Regardless, if you want people to visit your site and see what you have to offer, you need to promote it. And, promotion is more than just posting links on social media. If you are launching a new website, paid advertisements on television, radio, and print may be justified.

The best promotion, though, is word of mouth promotion. When you have a loyal following, news of your content will spread organically. Assuming your market finds the content valuable, they will spread the word – and the link.The more often people refer to your content with a link, the better. Why? Because they make you easier to find. Search engines give sites with links TO them a higher rating. That means that the more links to your content OTHER people create, the higher your site ranks on searches. And that’s the best promotion of all!

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