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Making it Easy: Turning Visitors into Leads

Ray and Cassidy buddiesHave you ever set big goals? Made grand resolutions? The experts advise us to do that: Think Big! Be Bold! I will lose 75 pounds. I will triple my income this year. I will write the Great American Novel.

Tell me the truth: How did that work out for you? It may work for Richard Branson, but from a highly scientific poll of my seven closest friends, I find that it doesn’t work well for us mere mortals.

There’s a place for big and bold. And there’s a place for taking baby steps to get there. I’ve long been a believer in baby steps. Instead of putting “do taxes” on my to-do list, I write, “gather tax documents.” Once I do that, I take the next small step on my list and make that my goal. Gathering those documents takes much less will power than facing the formidable task of doing my taxes. Once that step is complete, I feel a sense of satisfaction that motivates me to move on to baby step #2.

What have my taxes got to do with your getting more clients? Well, here’s something we tend to forget: Our clients are much like us. They, too, will find it easier to take one small step at a time toward engaging with us. And easy is exactly what we want. They may not sign up for a $3000 per month marketing or coaching program, but they’ll find it easy to sign up for a free introductory webinar or to try out your services for a low introductory rate. They may not buy a $30 book, but many of them won’t mind parting with $7 for a tempting manual.

How can you encourage prospective clients to try your services? By helping them make it a habit to engage with you. What’s an easy baby step they can take toward finding out if you will deliver something they need? Making it easy for them could provide just the motivation they need to become regular clients. Baby step by baby step.

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