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Marketing Is Power — It Is Taking Charge of Your Own Destiny

Supports other marketing effortsFor the entire time I worked in Silicon Valley in high tech roles, I never took marketing seriously. The “real” work was done by the creators, the designers, the developers, quality assurance and technical support. Now that I am a business owner, an entrepreneur, I stand corrected.

Marketing is power. Marketing is the power to take charge of the destiny of your business. It doesn’t matter how great you are, if nobody knows about you, your talents and expertise stand idle. We can’t expect our expertise alone to make us successful. We have to go out and attract our ideal clients.

I attended an event last night and more than one person came up to me and said, “I’ve been following you on LinkedIn, and wow, you are doing great!” Someone also said that she used my LinkedIn presence as an example of “how it’s done” to someone she was helping out. I was extremely flattered. And not just flattered but thrilled that my message is getting out there, that people are seeing my message and resonating with it.

Diana Concoff Morgan of Whole Heart Marketing, my strategic alliance partner and wonderful friend, has been managing my social media postings. I provide her with the content and she manages the strategy and consistently posts for me. When I was trying to do this myself, I wasn’t posting consistently, and when I did post, I did not have the confidence that I was “doing it right.” Now, it is getting done right and consistently, and I can focus on creating content and serving my clients.

Marketing my business is empowering me to fulfill my purpose in serving business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals to be the one their ideal clients choose.

Marketing my business is about taking charge of my destiny so I can empower others to do the same.

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