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More Proof–Press Releases Work!

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Thank you to Gail Nott of Nott LTD Solutions for sharing on Facebook the article on “More Proof Google Counts Press Release Links….

The article states that even though Matt Cutts, head of spam at Google, says that press releases don’t benefit your rankings, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land reports on two occurrences that prove otherwise.

A press release was published on in January with the test keyword “sreppleasers” which linked to Matt Cutt’s blog.  The press release was added to the Google index (list of websites that Google uses in its search results) and shortly afterwards, a search on “sreppleasers” returned Matt Cutts’ blog in the number two position.  I just ran the search myself, and Matt Cutts’ blog is in the number 3 position.

Earlier this week another press release was released with test keyword “leasreepressmm” and again linked it to Matt Cutts’ blog, and again a search on this term returns Matt’s blog in the top 10 resulsults.

To answer the question, do press releases work?  Yes they do!


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