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Personalized User Experience Increases Revenue

DSCN0302Have you ever wondered how much money you could save if would just stop managing to advertise something you really wanted while you were shopping for something you actually needed?

Initially, spent an obscene amount of money so that the product advertisements you saw would actually appeal to you. These days, however, you do not need to be a big name to afford personalizing your visitor’s experience. And if your site has a shopping cart, you may be losing money if you are not creating unique user experiences.

Why Customize?

Let’s face it, we all fall victim to the impulse buy. That extra purchase that would not happen if the item were not right there, in front of you, just waiting to fall into your shopping cart. The system works, otherwise grocery stores would have quit putting candy bars along the check-out line decades ago.

If you knew a specific visitor had spent significant time looking at the page of your most expensive item, wouldn’t you be inclined to offer that visitor a discount on that item the next time they are on your site? Customization technology could let you do that. Who knows, it could be all the person needs to move an item off their wish list and into their shopping cart.

How to Customize

The technology to line your website with the ideal candy bar for your visitors is now readily available to all. Among other things, you can display content based on:

  • what keywords brought the user to your site;
  • the time of day or day of the week;
  • what operating system or device type in use; or
  • if the person has been to your site before.

By knowing the web habits of your Target Market, you can set your content based on the previous sites visited.

By tracking what existing customers have already purchased, you can focus on upgrades or companion products.

If someone abandons their shopping cart, a personalized e-mail can go out to the customer with specials, support, or a survey that will encourage them to come back and complete the purchase.

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