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Recycle–Your Web Content? Here’s How

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When am I supposed to write all that great content? That’s what most small businesses are struggling with. We all want to create effective marketing systems, and it’s daunting to write all the content ourselves. Here are some ideas you can start using today.

Getting Out the Recycling Bin

Google penalizes writers who use the same content that is found elsewhere. Your fourth-grade teacher told you not to copy from your neighbor’s paper, and Google seconds that command.

Recycling is about taking an article you’ve written and using it in different ways. Take a topic you’ve researched and write about it from several different angles, and use it for different aspects of your marketing campaign. Example: Say you’ve researched the topic, “How Nutrition Can Affect Focus and Concentration.” You know enough to write a 1000-word article on this topic. Possibly a 2000-word article. Instead, let’s say you write eight blog entries about different aspects of the theme. Based on interesting feedback and anecdotes from readers, you then write a couple of white papers about it.

Don’t look now, but you are starting to have enough content to write an e-book on a subject you know quite a bit about. Interview a couple of experts in the field, cite the latest research on the topic, and you’re ready to make the most of the work you’ve already done.

Re-inventing the Wheel

Each time you create an ad, a flyer, a presentation, even a letter, do you start from scratch? If so, you’re spending unnecessary time re-doing work you’ve already done. Go back to a previous presentation, take out the specifics, and you have a template for all future presentations. You’ll be amazed at the amount of time this saves you.

Takes a Village

It takes a village to raise a child, heal from an illness, weather hard times. Your village can also help you create content. Think about the people you know. Are there people who write decently and who are knowledgeable about a field relevant to what you blog about? Might they be flattered to be asked to write a guest blog? What’s in it for them? Their byline gets them publicity, as does a sentence or two at the end mentioning what they do.

Everyone Benefits

That’s what it’s all about. Everyone benefiting. You get content without all the effort. They get some welcome publicity. And your readers get new and interesting information they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

About Suzanne Bourgault

Suzanne Bourgault, formerly of Yahoo! Search, founded Express Yourself Websites in early 2012 because she wanted to create websites that authentically represent professionals and businesses on the web, attract ideal clients, and be the hub of all of their online and offline marketing activities.  During her time at Yahoo! Search, she looked at and analyzed a lot of websites; great websites, sad websites, confusing websites.  She analyzed why some websites consistently went to the top of the search results pages, and those that lost their top rankings.  Now, she takes her expertise and communication skills and collaborates with her clients to create their ideal web presence to take their businesses to the next level.  She has a proven track record of getting her clients onto page one of search results.  Suzanne can be reached at 925-386-6136,, or on her website at


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