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Six Tips for Getting Your Online Content Shared

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Your mother taught you to share. So did mine. And when we were four, the hard part was sharing our favorite toys. Now sharing has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s still a good thing. We’re still urged to do it. What we’re supposed to be sharing these days is that all-important web content. Here we’ll look at why we want others to share our content and what might make people do so.

Why Share?

In the world of content marketing, we want eyes on our brilliant pearls of wisdom. Before the eyes come the clicks. When people share our content and others see it, our hope is that they will become visitors to our site and ultimately clients.

Possibly more important is the fact that Google smiles upon links to your website being shared on social media. Google’s ranking algorithms gives more importance to content that is being shared. And important content helps you rank higher.

Having people share our content lets us build a following of people we can then connect with through social media. Engaging with this following effectively will produce customers and brand loyalty.

How to Get Shared

While there’s no scientific formula and no guarantee that someone following a formula will get shares, there are certain elements to widely-shared content.

  1. Write to a specific audience. This is difficult, since various groups may be potential customers, but it helps to narrow your target.
  2. Give value. Information your audience can use, learn from, or be entertained by is most likely to be shared.
  3. Images. You know what a picture is worth.
  4. Video. Including a short and interesting video is an effective strategy.
  5. Headline. An attention-getting headline will bring in more readers and potential links. “Five Great Tips on…” or “What They Don’t Tell You about…”
  6. Consistent posting. Your audience has to know when to expect your posts. Don’t leave them wondering what happened or whether you’re still writing. You’ve struggled to build readership and you don’t want to lose it. You’ll also notice popular writers keeping a consistent tone and style to build brand loyalty.

Give it Time

Building a loyal audience is usually not accomplished overnight. When we see popular writers with huge followings, it’s hard to imagine getting there ourselves. What we don’t see is how long they worked to get to that point. Keep it interesting and consistent and oh, yes, mutual. Be sure to share interesting finds with your friends and associates and publicize their accomplishments. It will take some time and effort but will be worth it in increased readership.

About Suzanne Bourgault

Suzanne Bourgault, formerly of Yahoo! Search, founded Express Yourself Websites in early 2012 because she wanted to create websites that authentically represent professionals and businesses on the web, attract ideal clients, and be the hub of all of their online and offline marketing activities.  During her time at Yahoo! Search, she looked at and analyzed a lot of websites; great websites, sad websites, confusing websites.  She analyzed why some websites consistently went to the top of the search results pages, and those that lost their top rankings.  Now, she takes her expertise and communication skills and collaborates with her clients to create their ideal web presence to take their businesses to the next level.  She has a proven track record of getting her clients onto page one of search results.  Suzanne can be reached at 925-386-6136,, or on her website at

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