Websites & Online Marketing for Attracting Your Ideal Clients

Stay in Front of Your Ideal Clients have learned very clearly from Diana Morgan the importance of staying in front of my ideal clients on a consistent basis.  I have also learned advanced techniques from her on how to accomplish this using social media, blogging, and email marketing in an efficient and cost-effective way.

At any given time, 3% of our ideal client prospects are ready to buy from us right now.  The goal with marketing is to consistently stay in front of the other 67% who will be shopping for our services in the near future.

For example, I receive periodic emails from a woman that I met through Brandy and Vinca’s workshops.  Recently I was in need of her services, and because she had recently sent me an email, even though I didn’t read it, her name was fresh in my mind.  I visited her website and found some information on the topic I was interested in, and decided to give her a call to set an appointment with her.

I’m sure there were many other people that I met over the past 2 years who offered similar services as her, but she is the one that I remembered because I had recently seen her name in my email.

Diana manages my social media campaign and coaches me on how to write educational blogs, not just promotional ones.  She is a master at inspiring people to take action, and shares her wisdom very generously.

Using social media and email campaigns creates an interesting effect that I didn’t expect; when I go to events, people comment to me that they have seen blogs and emails and comment on the content in them.  I see this as expanding my influence.  My online messaging transfers from the screen to my conversations with people.  It makes that leap to face-to-face contact, which is the ultimate goal of my marketing.  The power of this leap cannot be underestimated.

As I head out the door for my morning walk, I am grateful for Diana and what I have learned from her.  She inspires me to action!



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