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VIP Lunch and Goals and Awards Gala

Caterina Rando, Suzanne Bourgault, Beverly Adamo and Maggie SchreiberI had such a wonderful time yesterday at Caterina Rando’s VIP Lunch and Goals and Awards Gala, and being embraced by such warm, generous successful business women at the Radisson in Brisbane.  Linda Lenore, Beverly Adamo, Maggie Schreiber and my strategic alliance partner Diana Morgan were there, among many others.  Linda, Beverly and Diana all received awards at the Awards Gala in the evening.  These women are role models for me, in their financial success, generosity and wisdom.

I am really looking forward to being an active participant in Caterina’s community in 2014.  She has so many events planned to catapult us all to our best year ever.  Thank you Caterina!

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