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Websites are Meant to Evolve

ToraWritingThere is no such thing as a website that is “finished.”  Websites are meant to continually evolve, as we all evolve in our business and as people.  If we are truly emotionally connected to our websites, they evolve with us.  My website is evolving now.  Ever since I started working with Doug Silva of Midnite Graphics, the very nature of the websites that I create has evolved.  Doug has a gift for listening to people as they describe themselves, their business, and how they want to represent themselves, and then create the perfect, most amazing graphics for them.  His work helps to bond people to their websites, so it authentically represents who they are.

A perfect example of this is the new website for Lorrie Nicoles, Tora Writing Services which launched today.  Lorrie is thrilled with the graphic that Doug created for her.  He also designed and created her business card, which people rave over.  This is the perfect example of how a website represents a person and is congruent with how they show up at networking events.  Lorrie gives her card to someone, and when they visit her website, the message is consistent, which enhances credibility.  Her online presence is very professional looking, showing a seriousness about the success of her business and serving her clients.  I am thrilled and honored to have created the website and have it in my portfolio.

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